You think this is freedom

You could say
sometimes I color outside the lines
I let the adrenaline pump through my veins
and when im finished my picture will look like
shades of grey and yellow and pink and green,
mine will be complete.
But yours, my love, will be black and white
a fleck of orange or blue only where it is allowed.
Take a chance and scribble,
take a chance and explore it,
color outside the lines every now and then.
Freedom is a joke
until we liberate ourselves
from society and rules and constraints.
Protect yourself from the words they throw at us
and shovel into our vulnerable minds.
Emancipate yourself -
yourself -
decide for yourself
where you want to go and what you want to do
and if its not possible
then you have not been disentangled.
Because until we break loose of everything they taught us,
you haven’t been set free.
Let yourself escape the solid black, my dear,
color outside the lines.

The End

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