When Fairytales Whisper

When Fairytales Whisper

A girl walks along the ivory paths, threw the meadow and greeny grass.

Her golden hair flows threw the wind, her arms out wide, she starts to spin.

A stunning white horse gallopes through the forest

the hooves play a beat with the mermaids singing corus.

Another, scampers onword in the dark cold night, her red dress glowing as she laughs in fright.

Nohting to worrie, it's just a game but in that instant it felt real as the cool wet rain

Dusty red mountains fall across the hot horizon, a growl of anger comes bellowing from the jaws of a lion.

Ballroom dancing, violin playing as coloured  gowns brush against the the old floor,fading.

Creaky small footsteps sound the quiet air , children giggle and laugh, candles flicker, with each creak of the twisting stairs.

Droplets of water drip and drop from the web that dangles and tangles non stop.

Flower petals flitter against the the silver that glitters.

This is what I hear when fairytales whisper.

The End

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