I Am A Poem

I decided to collect my best and favorite work, mostly just peoms and throw them together. I am still taking things in and out so all of this is rough and certain works might be removed later. If you leave a comment of your favorite and least favorite of these poems that would be helpful, nothing is personal for me, dont be afraid to tell me if a poem or peice of work needs to be tooken out. Thanks!

My english teacher asked our class to write a poem that captures the meaning of peotry "what is a poem?" and i tried to write a poem that best described a poem and what it means in as few words as possible. I wanted to capture the awnser to this question simply and short.



I am

I am a

I am a poem

I am the thoughts of people you will never know, people you have never seen

I am your savior,

I am your language when words are not enough

I give you comfort,

I draw your tears.

I am an addiction

I am a friend and an enemy 

I am happy

I am sad

I am an ending

Good and Bad

I am a poem

The End

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