Collection Day

A poem on the ugliness of politics, the truth - there is none.
what is every penny for.... Blank stares!

“It’s Collection Day!”

Scream the men in grey plastic suits,

Flapping their vile inconvenient truth


“It’s Collection Day!

We are collecting today.”

They tell me.


“It’s Collection Day!”

        “What are you collecting Mr. Taxman?”

“It’s Collection Day!”

        “I said; what are you collecting?”

Blank stares.


“Collecting what’s needed. Miss!”

        “And what is needed?”

Blank stares.

        “Tell me what is needed!”


“Money, Miss. Money’s what’s needed.”

        “For what?” I ask.

        “What is it needed for?”

Blank stares.


“Improvements Miss.”

        “What is going to be improved?”

Blank stares.


        “Only what you care for is to be improved… no?”

I am never answered.

Blank stares.

Written on the 23rd April 2009 and posted on on the same day.

The End

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