I wrote these three in about an hour, right before a poetry competition.

El sol was going down with her ship;
As her head went to rest on the velvet scarlet skies
The stars got wise
and jumped out in night to keep from drowning in the indigo
and they sparked their flares for the last time.
El sol came back, but they were lost
faded down a cyan sea

And the boy hopped
leaped into the dark
and came out cloaked
in shade like wraps
and the boy drank
swallowed up the neon
and shone like sands
polished by windy moons
And the boy burned
called out the akashic
in the rosy twilight
and peeled back the shade

"And just like sun, I run"
oh, bunnydoll, I pray
please stay
like names eched on bullets
my heartstrings, you've pulled them
and now you are leaving,
you say?
oh, bunnydoll, I pray
please stay

The End

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