Against sin wilderness man stormed and railed,

so suffered unto royal prison was he,

 while for a girl Herod lust did burn.


For a glimpse of silken thigh,

for a touch of  breasts firm,

for a dance half of his world he promised.


So the girl stood veiled before leering guests,

and dance she did, passion in flight, sex in singular motion,

her dark soul burned unknown and unseen.


Flute and lyre, softly played, drums rumbled,

pounding, pounding, the girl made love to the wind,

and stole the breath from guests and king.


Herod aroused, pulsed with increasing passion,

rising with the fall of each veil.

"More, more" he breathed and her hips met his need.


Salome's self abandoned, public lust

commited to her dance growing

corruption and power unbound.


Faster and faster she spun her web

vile, drunked, wanton madonna.

Lust's perfume filled the room.


As the last veil did fall, blood pounding in her heart

naked she stood all charms revealed, a fitting climax.

"John's head" was the price demanded for Herod's dance.

The End

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