Beyond Life's Gate

Here lies the boy you sent us.

He was our only son.

He left to serve his country.

The war for him is done.


Thank you Lord, for the few short years

we had this precious boy.

For nineteen years he filled our life

with hope and love and joy.


He was a hero, brave and strong.

He heard his country call

and duty called him to the front

Where many men must fall.


We know he's there with you Lord

and we do not question why.

But we are so lost without him

and eyes will not stay dry.


We know that he is happy

and we know that we must wait

till we can join him once again

just beyond life's gate.


                                        Gertrude Thurman

                                        August, 1945

                                        (in memory of her son, my uncle)

                                        PFC. Glendel M. Thurman

                                         US 20th Regiment (Sykes Regulars),

                                        6th Infantry Division

                                        Maffin Bay, Lone Tree Hill, Lingayen Gulf

                                        Purple Heart Valley (bloodiest 6000 yards in the world)

                                         Killed in action, Feb 3, 1945 


The End

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