Cold hearts need warm hearts.

The cold heart wrapped in ice,

Trapped in the dark, obscured from the light,

Grows bitter,

As the building ice only whispers it's screams.

A hateful heart is what most people see,

But only a few will provide what this heart really needs.

Heat, of course, from the many sympathetic hearts......

But it's the patience that sets the few from many apart.

It always takes time to defrost,

And then even more time to regain what's been lost.

We're all born with a spark in our hearts at birth,

Tho that spark can turn into flames with age,

Those flames can be extinguished from hurt and hate,

The water and temp that builds the chilling cage.

Slowly killing the heart in fear and dismay.

This heart needs to hear that it'll be okay,

This heart needs a heart to melt the ice and light the way,

This heart needs that heart to patiently stay.

Let that needed heart be yours,

Because you know you've shivered in the cold before.

Don't be the too consumed self to provide very little help,

Be more.

Don't be the one to last the short length of a match then leave,

Be the one to bring a torch, and burn til you set that someone free.

When the ice breaks, and eventually melts away,

From the presence of your unconditional flames,

You'll see......

The true beauty still living in this heart,

That's been seized for too long, freezing; bleeding without mend.

The heartbeat will start weak,

But it'll feed on your love and patience; you're what it needs to beat strong again.

And after the patience you gave to stay and burn,

The reward can't be any greater then seeing the lost flame in that someone return.

Life can be hard,

There are times we have all needed the heat from a warm heart,

To keep us from dying under cold crystal shards.

Too often,

We get too caught up in stoking our own fires to burn for our desires and dreams,

That we forget the coals out there, left cold and in need.

Remember, our hearts don't only beat to keep us alive,

It also beats to help others survive.

Basically, my message to you in this rhyme,

Is something we should all keep in mind......

If you're on fire today,

Share your love, your heat, your flames,

With all your patience and free of doubt.

Because you know, I know, we all know what it's like to have our fire snuffed out.

The End

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