Cold Friday Night

I throw my hands up, and surrender

Too many fakes, too many pretenders

Too many fender benders, on the road

Cars slamming into poles


Where does the story go? I don’t know

It’s a cold Friday night


The moon, so bright, shining with delight

Higher than a kite, the stars take flight

You will never quiet understand


Till someone takes your hand

And shows you, have the cold wind blow through

No name tag, no one even knows you


It’s a cold Friday night

I’d sue but I don’t have a lawyer

You must work here cause you’re dressed as an employer

He has the power, he is the destroyer


She’s fallin, cause she has no hands to hold her

She forgot all the words you ever told her


So what can I do? Pretend all this time that I was never teaching you?

And lie? And to my surprise, that is exactly what you want me to do

What’s gotten into you?


It’s a cold Friday night

I wanna make you understand, so take me hand

We’re leaving, you need me

It’s a cold friday night


The End

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