Cold Coffee & Cigarettes - The TravelerMature

The Traveler
By Mooky Blaylock 

The heart is a lonely hunter
In belief of his journey's golden path
He walks amongst the thorns 
In search for proof of poetic truth  

The mind is filled with questions, and a philosophers soul
Through circles of life that swallowed pride whole
How the weight of the world pushes forth through the fold
Until the will, once young and bold, emerges now fat and old

I can never go back to who I used to be
Or become the man I used to see
and the dreams once grew so true and free
Has now become chastised deep within the name of me

So you still stroll through the circles that swallow you whole
Wishing there was something to keep in place the meaning of  home
Before the morning calls from open roads once roamed
Where it directs you back down to empty boots of a titled role

The End

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