Cold Coffee & Cigarettes - Beauty Composed to InspireMature

Beauty Composed to Inspire
By Mooky Blaylock

Sitting by candlelight under night sky
City concrete damp with a blanket night
Couples laugh on by, floating in the taste of love
The love of youth, how care free it glides

Play that tune Jazz-Man so my thoughts can saunter
Off in abeyance where neon colours  fervour
Amicable settlement of mind
Allowing the heart to be allured

She's late
Not that late
I can wait
I don't mind the wait

Her beauty I can picture as her divine presence
enters through the door, angelic vibrance
Skin so soft and light
A moment composed from thin air into brilliance

Describing a woman is like explaining first light
dancing on the ocean floor, mysterious as the night
A description where words stay inane and out of sync
But somehow you will always pursue the perfect rewrite

How great
to anticipate
real fate
and be content to wait

The End

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