Cold Coffee & Cigarettes - The OwlMature

The Owl
By Mooky Blaylock

White wings haloed by silver light
commanding the soft of night
Playing through the moonlight
To sense you through my thoughts in-flight

He came here for the music
And sat down beside me in expressions of lyric
He told me tales of mountains; memoirs
that only seemed smooth and soft from far
but the course and jagged slowly appeared
as travels approached closer through the years

His eyes held the keys to universal roads untold
His voice was sweet, dripping with baritone worded notes
His heart was pure and glowed through every tone of grey
From his love, he still just gives it all away

He came here to share
The keys to the locks on the chains he saw everywhere
But no-one ever tried to listen
for dreams are conveyed as personal fiction
And reality only lives within tears of pain
where our hearts and minds beat controlled and constrained

White wings haloed by silver light
Come glide through my disposition tonight
Dancing to the rhythm of words this hand here writes
Please go now, and help another heart feel this bright

The End

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