Cold Coffee & Cigarettes - IrreversibleMature

By Mooky Blaylock

I lost it years before

But somehow yet again today

The love of old

concerned it always plays

To the sweet silver notes

of melodies drifting through the line

Our days commenced as doves

that fly through the ill defined

And the waves by hands rolled

through ideas years sold

I am the griever


A well oiled receiver

To the trembles like tremors

that turns to quakes

Dancing in the air

just waiting for the song to break

Frowned faces pulled tense

like the riding of a motorbike

in the strongest of wind

The perpetual movement of air

In the form of a current untrimmed

Today I lost it yet again

The same thing I lost years before

As tomorrows never came

The questions remained to knock upon souls door

The End

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