Cold Coffee & Cigarettes - In Search of HeavenMature

In Search of Heaven
By Mooky Blaylock

I've not been home in how many years
Just walking through a contradiction

The closer I get the longer the road appears
Now I walk in recollection

I tried to break free, from this town that lives in me...
I ran discreetly, but it took me by the hands
I left you in the night... And I'm sure it made you sad
The questions afloat above my head

The fields are flowing like the springtime has bled
 A living breathing fiction

I think of days, and words I wish I had
Always the same rendition

Tied by hope... and the walls that held me back
And now I see nothing but this one way track
But I found respect in this lonely time elapsed
It's so strange just to think it went so fast

The rusted road sign headed South off of strife
Hoping to find a place to rest
My thoughts they'll unpack on the day I get back

I tried to break free, but this town still lives in me...
I fell completely but you took me in concern
I left you in the night... but today I shall return
As you look from overhead

The End

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