Coitus InteruptusMature

You are staring at me Your stare is beautified by fire and desire

I move close to you, I can hear your heart racing fast and I can see your hands shaking.

I sit you down gently on your bed as I kneel in front of you

I gently run my fingers over your face, I feel the warmth of your breathing against the palms of my hand.

I hold you in a warm embrace; I feel the hardness of your moulds on me

You pull me close and kiss me.Without hesitation, I plunge into the river of passion

With no reluctance, consumed by passion and intoxicated by your sweet and clean smell.

I grope your perfectly shaped bosoms

We grope, we want to tear off each other’s clothes,

We are engulfed by a first-time like desire.

Then came a knock!

Followed by a voice, it was your dad’s voice!

Like a candle light put out by a strong wind,

The flames of our passionate carnal desires were out...

I see fire in your eyes;I hear rage in your voice

I feel your finger nails drilling holes into my chest!

In a hushed and dry voice, you bid your dad welcome

You look into my eyes;

I cannot decipher these torrents of emotions

You hold my face in your hands and kissed my with so much intensity that will get a Eunuch felling lost feelings.

I hope there will be a next time

I just hope it will not be my last

The End

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