This is a kind of old piece. It was written 5 months ago, but considering that I've only been writing poetry for about 9 months, It was somewhat in the beginning.

I've got to get him,
I've got to take my revenge.
He took away my sanity,
He took away my memory,
But what I really need to avenge is you.

He took you away from me,
And left me with nothing but
The moments of your death.
I don't have our bliss,
I can't remember your breath,
Only your last moment.

I'm frantically searching
For the one who took you away.
I need to kill him.
After what he did to me and you,
There is absolutely no way
I'm going to let him go.
The day I wrote this was the day I watched the movie Ghajini, the hindi version of The Momento. I got inspired to write this.

The End

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