∞∞∞ Coil ∞∞∞

02 - 09 - 04

There was a fire in his footsteps,
And the rain that brought them home,
Sent a stream through his worries,
But his terror tore then broke,
There was a thunder in the silence,
That accompanied his glare,
If it wasn’t for the lightning,
We wouldn’t see him there.
He twists in his thoughts,
He twists in his veins,
He twists through eternity,
What does this mean?
The light that did betray him,
Lured the world of the dark,
Creatures were arising,
They moved in lofty arcs,
He took the time of all the past,
He laid it here to see,
From the core of the future,
He created eternity.
He twists in his eyes,
He twists in his chest,
He twists through forever,
To his distress.
Illusions of the twilight,
And the icecaps on display
He tries to pursue a cause,
But once more he decays,
As dawn soon approached,
He spoke “I want to be free”
So he turned away at daybreak,
“Let the sun rain down on me”
He twists in his heart,
And he twists himself free.

The End

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