Coffee Shoppe Romance

Coffee Shoppe Romance

She looks into her coffee cup,

And stirs it with her spoon.

Watching it swirl around,

Something catches her eye.

Looking up,
A man is noticed.

He says hello,

With his voice trembling.

She answers hi,

While fidgeting with her hands.

They sit next to each other,

And learn their names.

After a while,

They began to date.

This went on for days,


And months.

Then one day,

Once she had finished her coffee,

She noticed something in the bottom of the mug.

Pulling it out,

Light reflects off of the diamond ring.

A grin spreads across her face,

As she screams yes.

They will never forget the day they met,

In the little coffee shoppe by the pub,

They simply talked,

And then it became love.

The End

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