Give the amateur a shot
whether their work speaks truth or not-
and by shot I don't mean the kind that requires pulling a trigger-
I mean a shot of bourbon-or whatever
to help fizzle the nerves
to help figure the riddle that is ones brain-all its mental urges-

You may rather their work remain existent to those akin
or maybe remain tucked in their thick and ghastly cobwebs within
but oh don't you recall-
how you walked that line once before-
you gathered your vulnerability 
all that creativity
to bare all-
in order to meet validation-inspiration
anything to know you would fall-
alone-but together-
while festering in all that you said you would never
admit to the world-

C'mon and give the amateur a shot
whether their work speaks truth or not-
and I don't mean to saturate their entity in substance abuse
to the extremity where they are deluded by false praise and evidently obtuse-
I mean provide them with shots of words-constructive criticism
may they embrace it-go forth-breed with paper and pen
manifest into cynicism, feminism or activism-

They may surprise you
and maybe in spite of you
leaving one word or a few-
end up inspiring you-
but nevertheless-
don't think twice
add some cherry or spice-
and go on and give the amateur a shot-

The End

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