chaos and whatever

clutter with hints of subtle solutions

writers block, mental chaos

all of the above


smog filled thoughts

polluted and drenched with collaboration

symbolic to ones view of life


my habitat a place of confusion

mazes and mountains

monotone to modern memory


for tomorrow brings hope

trustfully they say

sunlight eyes... brightening souls


for tomorrow gives joy

convinced we listen

smiling faces .... dancing hearts


as rain pours down

skies light up by storm

we float away


riding the chariot of imaginaries

singing to silent unknown songs

pictures of watercolor collidascopes


for just a moment...

we feel free...

elevated, extended, engulfed


egos' wings resting humbly

at our sides

where grounding arrives


our true selves emerging

spirit calm an energized

knots unraveled

into beautiful surprise 

The End

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