Descending sun breaks at the horizon,

Pushing apart dark rain-filled clouds,

Ones on which I made my home,

Now cold ground hurts my bare feet.

On that ground once I wrote my lines,

My bare hands shaped the field, 

Fingernails broke countless times,

While carving the words deep into it.

The lines were written once more,

Over the heart that gave itself to me,

Written in my own blood,

My heart sealed the pact.

I have climbed on gray clouds,

Weaved my throne of dream linings,

Happiness carried my thoughts astray,

She slowly blew the clouds away.

On those clouds I came back,

Over the time they became rain-filled and black,

Rain swept the lines from the heart away,

Sunk into the ground they tore apart.

Then the rain erased carved lines flat,

Grass covered all the clues,

But the ground passed them on,

Mother Earth never forgets.

The End

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