Opened Gap

         Oh Lover, awakened by the drops of grace dripping from your fingertips like rain that has mercy over dead plains, you've whispered morning into many of my tomorrows and yet I disown you. Your kiss like everlasting promise that you'll forever cover me when trouble comes for me and you'll comfort me out of love for me... A sinner, with no cares but desires of the world so caught up and swirled in between confusion and going blind, I didn't have eyes for you. I created circles for myself complaining of misery and you were there holding out your hands for me. Oh Lover, the one who walked with me when I felt as if I couldn't bare the distance, and it was then you told me that it wasn't about if I could resist it, but that it was my resistance.  I had been forgiven, and tomorrow is worth living because being close to you is my closure, filling in space taking up time laced in the margins in the book of the pages that words occupy from you was enough truth. I let all of my cares loose, I wanted to walk in the light of you, and since then we've been on foot ever since not once looking back.

I then, Closed The Gap. 

The End

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