Those Heroin Men

Those heroin men,
they play with lives,
the make the people mad,
they make it so,
with just one go,
your always addicted to that stuff,
its only one,
you say to yourself,
what harm can it do at all,
but once it’s done,
and with the setting of the sun,
your heart belongs to the heroin men.

They make poor men farm it,
the make them harvest it to,
and when the soldiers come,
they bribe them to,
those heroin men,
what a rich life they lead,
even if they do have to bribe,
they don’t really car,
who they addict and spare,
its just money that they want.

They come up with ways to cross the border,
bribes work here to,
and so when they come,
they find no one there,
they just carry on,
and when it gets past those border patrols,
they hide it many a way,
and once they have done that,
they send it abroad,
and many a person do they slay.

The Taliban are one of these heroin men,
getting money for the war,
and when America fights them to stop,
the just go and make some more.


The End

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