In The Desert

Into the desert those men go,
to fight those evil men,
but while they go and fight this war,
elsewhere they lose their friends,
for while they fight in the baking sun,
and hope to get out soon,
those men they knew,
they no longer have that choice.

The desert makes us all die,
for friends die in their t0,
so when you go to the desert,
your killing your friends to,
for if you die and break their hearts,
as they remember you,
and even if you don’t die,
they be scared for you.

For the desert changes us all,
if you go in with a heavy heart,
you will lose that heart to it,
for if you do not concentrate,
then it will catch up on you,
the desert changes all of us,
it doesn’t care at all,
it just looks to see,
who wasn’t paying attention at all,
and then when it reaches you,
you try to say it wasn’t me,
but the desert knows it all.

the water you took for granted,
the things you didn’t know,
the desert is like the kraken,
it knows them all,
it reaches out a arm,
and dries out what it touches,
for the desert is the kraken,
and none survive at all,
for you may get out in body,
but it will have killed your souls,
so when you go to the desert,
you have no chance at all.

The End

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