The twin reapers

Some people say there is one,
a ghost all dressed up in black,
he make you cry,
he makes you die,
that’s what you think of him.

But there are two,
the black and the white,
a good and a bad one you could say,
but the black is the good one,
that’s were you go wrong.

The black is a friend,
a happy guy,
the white is the trickster per say,
but where you go wrong,
even if your memory is long,
and the black one has always been there.

Some say he’s malevolent,
some say he kills,
but that’s not true at al.

The white one all dressed up with wings,
a sword always by his side,
the evil one,
the enemy,
the pain you put aside.

He tricks you to think that he is the one,
that comforts you all the time,
but that is not true,
for when it comes down,
black comes over the top,
for a friend will always help.

The End

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