The Soldier

And in the mud,
amongst the dead,
a soldier raises his head,
he looks across,
at the enemies of life,
and just goes back to sleep.

For the only place to keep your soul,
while in the trenches deep,
is to be asleep,
and not to dig down to deep,
or risk finding a friend.

For in the trenches,
only one thing rules,
although the generals think its them,
it is the thought,
that all men have,
when in the trenches deep,
have all your friends,
keep alive,
make sure you don’t attack to hard,
for the other men,
the feel the same,
just on the other side.

The generals think they will rule,
among the dead and mud,
and in a way they would,
if they thought they should,
just look at them and see,
not just a man,
nor just a thing,
that fights very hard,
just to survive, 
and keep alive.

Death is what rules their hearts 

The End

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