Closer, Tighter, Hotter, Better.Mature

Poem about sex... could be better, definitely, but I am totally open to comments, thoughts, ideas, concerns, critiques, and questions.

A passionate Kiss,

A hint of Tongue;

Hold Me tight,

So tight it hurts.

I can't help

My Heart pounding,

The Blood pumping

Through my Chest

To my Extremeties.

I can't help

My breathing,


I can't stop

The Moans escaping;

I bite my Lip,

A feeble Attempt

To hold Them in.

I pull You closer,

Tasting You,

Feeling You


Wanting You,

Needing You

As close as possible.

Touch Me, kiss Me, bite Me, hurt Me;

Do with Me

What You will-

Just stay Here,



And wanting Me

As badly as I want You.

The End

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