This pain I cannot fathom
For I cannot cross this chasm
With breath still in my lungs
When all's been said and sung

This absence in the air, in the room,
in the streets,
The void echos in my hands and in my feet
You've left me behind
With no consolation left to find

My heart beyond broke
Life is now a cruel sick joke
A mockery
Every minute a memory

The lonely violin begins to play
My misery it does orchestrate
My tears the flow of the melody
Chorus sings of no such remedy

I cry out but make no sound
For they have sent out hell's hound
The searing pain unquenchable
My love for you invincible

I collect the tatters my soul
It is silent, dead, and cold
I am still here utterly alone
Feeling my sorrow to the bone

The hope I have is in the morbid fact
Each heart beat brings me closer to my last
And only then will I see you once again

The End

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