I wait for it to pass,

this feeling.

I wait for it to pass,

this feeling.

my fingers fumble with the hem of my shirt,

and trace along my headphone cords.

My eyes dart around,

and pick out the potentials.

They find none.

Life truly is an ocean.

You have room for everything.

There are millions of people out there,

and one of them is yours.

Maybe not forever,

but just for the moment.

And one tiny moment,

could feel like an eternity.

It’s up to you, if you want to

hold on, or simply let go.

This feeling, it intensifies.

Because your eyes meets mine,

and I just feel pain.

For not having you,

for feeling foolish to even want you.

Really, I just need someone

to listen to me, and take the storm,

out of my heart.

The End

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