Close Your EyesMature

I know this is quite awful, I just needed to get some memories and feelings out of my head.

Close Your Eyes

Just a walk in the park.
That was all I thought it was.
You had something else in mind, though.
You wanted more from me.
You wanted things I wasn’t ready to give you.
I said no.
I wasn’t that easy.
But that didn’t stop you.
Did you hear me?
Or did you just ignore me?
Time passed.
And reality faded away.
Close your eyes.
That’s what my mind told me.
I was somewhere else.
I wasn’t being hurt in this place.
I was happy.
At least when my eyes were closed.
You finished.
You were done with me.
I opened my eyes back up.
And a monster stood before me.
I was back in reality.
I didn’t want to be.
Just close your eyes.
Close your eyes.

The End

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