Clockwork Heart

"My gosh" said the doctor

"Oh no" said the procter

And although the exclamations were rather improper

They couldn't help them, the situation was a bit awkward

As they stared down in awe at the massacred chest

They each wondered together, if this was a jest

They pondered if the girl was simply blessed

That's what it had to be, they had guessed

And the little girl below them looked up in curiosity

"You do not have a heart" they told her, she had never heard such atrocity

And she glared at them with quiet ferocity

And then looked down in horror at her own monstrosity

The situation stole an oily tear

As she gazed upon the rivets and gears

That had ignited quite the fear

The doctor and proctor emitted a simple "Oh dear"

And through the room resounded the tick tock

And all the three could do was gawk

All of them shared the feeling of shock

At the heart of sorts, that was more of a clock.

The End

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