3. Hallway

Somewhere in my misshapen musings

I found myself in a hallway,

Dark, empty,

But full of sound,

And full of faces,

And full of movement in so many places

From light I could not see

Glinting on their masks of glass,

And Pendulums,

Restless pendulums,

So still, but moving always,

In their tracks, undeviating ways

Like living beings, like life, they move,

But always within their tracks, their ways

Set ways, everlasting,

 Never passing

Each other, themselves, unthinking

While the hands dance, smiling, winking

And I walk down this hallway, in a circle I move,

Never moving from where I began,

And I have to go-

I can’t remember where,

But I’m trapped behind this glass, stuck in this day,

Tied up in time and I can’t get away...

The End

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