Click ON Click OFF (Boy-Toy Kaleidoscope)

  1. I am the toy car stethoscope,
  2. I am the Radio God’s AM hope.
  3. I am your red-light,
  4. I am your blue fade.
  5. I am the deadly,
  6. In the night-shade.
  7. The T.V. remote inside your throat shut off the watching eyes.
  8. The heart inside your brain, produces the flies.
  9. The worst’s not yet,
  10. But good is permanent.
  11. Your nose gets longer every second I paint,
  12. I’d show you the rough draft but you’ll surely faint.
  13. There’s a book with all the answers,
  14. Which can cure certain cancers.
  15. What used to be pain,
  16. Was turned to sane.
  17. And deemed Immaculate Conception,
  18. They call it holy, but its all a matter of perception.
  19. They’re may be no hope,
  20. But I’m the Boy Kaleidoscope.
*"We reach The High End of Low"
-Marilyn Manson, 2009

The End

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