Cliché Love

Go on, read it. All the way through. I dare you.

Soft lights in November

Stars gaze down at us

Beauty can't be found nearer

A golden light shimmers

Like soft gossamer

Crusty mayo

Mountains frame the meadow

Daisies dance like children

Surrounded by my brethren

The water falls like tears

To moisten your hearts kiss

Inhaling burrito

I've found you just the same

A live portrait to decay

Sparkling reflection on a sheet

Of calm waters

A heart of lives passed

Grey potato

Your eyes are as deep as oceans

Your lips as soft as petals

Your hands caress me gently

Your voice makes me crazy

You broke my heart

Lime hippo

Dear you are the same

You have a hallow soul

Sweet words fall from your lips

Glimmering on the dewy grass

Baby you are my Achilles heel

Sacred tomato

I can't breathe without you

Your eyes search my soul

And implant red roses

That bloom like the sunrise

I can't live without you

Creamy pinky toe

The End

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