This girl has Daddy Issues, and it tears her apart inside. Honest.

"Daddy, you bastard, I'm through",

I would say to you

all dramatic flair:

artful stomp, flick of glossy hair

had there been anything there.


That which has not been done

 cannot be undone

Absence can only be filled

 when there is one.


But then it's also true,

I would say to you

when your hand lies just there

and its pair is goodness knows where

that it just won't do


Because if  you go                                                                                                                       

and what this is... is just a show                                                                                                      

Then I: 

 I just don't know -                                                                                           

what I'll do.                                                                                                                                            

First Daddy, now you.           


I'll tie my heart up in a red, red bow.    

Strangle it - nice and slow.


Your reaction would do                                   

 I would say to you      

(Offending hand freezes stiff, your eyes stare: )        

Had you been a rabbit trapped in a fox's lair  

As it is, my (crocadile) tears are all that you are due.

The End

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