Relationship TalkMature

A poem about a relationship

Only the crows
can recall all my secret
regrets and secrets so disturbing that
the thought of them are
caked with guilt that you can never
clean the wound and heal the broken feelings,
maybe if we were different
and our situation was better we
would be a perfect match,
but at times I think we are not,
I am manipulative and cold,
and you are this golden boy
with a heart filled with love
that the site of love sick people actualy makes its sad,
the puppy dog look that makes me
freak out and end us,
I don't deserve someone like you,
eyes filled with the promises of
with loyalty,
you put your heart and soul into
so much so that
I am surprised you haven't
ended us yet,
if you did I couldnt,
wouldnt blame you
or resent you,
I would have to understand because
all the bullshit I put you through
and you take,
makes me question how someone
with such passion can end up with someone like me,
the kind of love I see in your eyes
are erased and washed away from mine from
already living,
experiencing life,
experiencing the sorrows that
has washed away my aspiration
and dulled my shine,
the true love that is only felt with someone
someone life changing,
the I would die for your eyes
and the bedroom eyes,
the kind of love that even after months the
feeling of kissing them still scorches and turns your soul
and makes you question your thoughts,
calms the storms inside the human soul,
the brand of love that only a Scorpio can
give a Leo,
but as the great movie as said,
"We accept the love we think we deserve."

The End

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