Untitled Poem[s] IV and V

Okie dokie. Breaking the big, random poem up and seeing what happens...


We burst our thoughts over

crackling, tacky water set out in the sun -

a pitcher propping the back screen

from which a scold whips

and we scatter

into feints, tiny knuckles, and head-long slides

across the hashmark grass.

Games of the fairly maiden and Sir Neopolitan,

seizing the swings and the hose-spine dragon.

We wet our thirst with lemon-spritz aide

and laugh brazen, wide-faced, at the sun.

We peel the freckles from our shoulders,

tossing flakes of memory

as we retreat into the years.


The daylight wraps sheer, mottled,

and daubs the world in technicolor matte.

It mutes at high peak, heat pressing

across my back in gold-standard weight.

Speckled skies draw up the blotter,

smudging out the sun in streaks of grey

to finger the locks of light in tender touch.

The End

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