Phase... the last one

Hello, again.

Tomorrow I turn in my "best work". I am just an eensy-weensy bit nervous, seeing as I'll have to print it out before school and run it over to my English teacher before the end of the day [or else]. I can't print it at home, not because I don't have a printer, but because all the paper we have is declassified laser/welding specifiations and my instructions specifically say, "printed on one side". So, I don't think my judges would appreciate my little story being interrupted by "Table IV-1 -- Ferrous Alloys (continued)".

At least, I hope that would bug them. A break like that better not relieve them.

I shouldn't panic, I know, but I don't find out until OCTOBER how I did. Maybe I'll have calmed down, by then. Hm.

Anyway, thanks so very very much [again] to everybody who helped me through this! I can only hope all we've put into this will pay off.

I shall continue with these postings, since I obviously haven't learned all there is to know about "writing". It can only help, right?

Thank you thank you thank you all, again!

~Archi Teuthis Dux

The End

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