Phase Two

Hello, again.

Today was the impromptu essay - two hours on a topic I'd never have picked myself, after-school while the teachers were at meetings. I'm feeling good about it, but I won't post it until I find out how I did in the contest. I don't want anyone looking up phrases and thinking I've plagiarized some squid girl on a little writing site. Unfortunately, I won't find out until October what The National Council of Teachers of English thinks of me....

Now I move on to the "best work" selection. This can be either a past work that I love to bits, or a new one I think best shows my style and talent as a writer. I'm still not sure if this is more nerve-wracking than on-the-spot essay writing.

Thanks again to everyone who's helped me here!! g2: your comments are so very sweet and will undoubtably nudge me in the right direction in all this literary murk. A fresh view on the work is an invaluable resource, and I'm so thankful it's you. Dark: I have no idea what iambic pentameter is, but my teacher said I'd improved on it. Thank you so much, I keep some of you comments filed away in my mind whenever I start a new poem. And to everyone else, I feel so very lucky to have such a supportive group out there!

Thank you again and again!

Let us push forward together into the next phase......

~Archi Teuthis Dux

The End

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