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Archi Teuthis' works in progress need your help! I'm looking for helpful criticism, critque, whatever you think needs working on. Thanks so much, everyone!!


Here's the thing: My English teacher seems to think I have some kind of potential as a writer and is currently making me do poetry drills, "short short" stories, and essay writing. While I'm thrilled to do so, her current feedback leaves something to be desired:



"I love this poet!"

This has become somewhat grating, these loopy little blue scribbles and 10/10 grades. Now my teacher wants me to enter contests, including a two hour impromptu essay and "best work" assignment. Hooray.

Now, though, how can I improve or know my chances if apparently I'm just "good"? This is why I come to you today, my fellow Protagonizerites, to help me out! It would mean so much if any of you might critique, criticize, and/or strengthen my writing! Already, Mrs. English teacher has sent some of my pieces into the school literary magazine - I'd love to see what you all have to say about them!

Thank you so much, everyone!

~Archi Teuthis Dux

The End

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