Clarifying Madness

I'm becoming increasingly disillusioned with our world. This is an attempt at beginning to turn my thoughts into words.

This world is filled with unending contradictions

Our society breeds and perpetuates fictions

While we suffer our own damn afflictions, addictions

Sanity is whirling out of sight, twirling, swirling

Deepest thoughts unfurling at night, almost fright

Ignorance is bliss yet knowledge makes you crazy

What once made sense grows increasingly hazy

We’re lazy; spend all day on the web

Browsing lists and cat videos, the hottest celebs

But there’s more to be found there, the truth if you dare

They’re out there I swear, the people who care

That fight for clean air, and demand what is fair

And I can’t help but stare, another article I’ll share

About the birds and the fish, beached, full of plastic

The limit’s been reached, the Earth’s not elastic

But still trees are falling and religions are brawling

So many need help, but our politicians are stalling

Some people are calling, “it’s too late for just empathy

Wake up, snap out of this bystander apathy”

Breathlessly, we try to be best; say

It’s my destiny, man, forget all the rest

From the beginning, we are raised to impress

But now our students, all ages, have nothing but stress

And the psychologists ask but “Why do you cry?” maybe

We judge ourselves so hard for the things we can’t buy

Too big is her thigh, too scrawny that guy

Our dreams are up in the sky, not allowed to ask why

So we sigh, get high, watch life just fly by…

Take a breath, stay with me one moment more

Step away from the screens and out of the stores

See the shore, mountains, forests, explore

Recall how you saw the world as a child

Filled with love, trust and hope and always you smiled

Let your imagination run wild as it did when you were smaller

When your beliefs and desires couldn’t be bought with a dollar

The End

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