City Of Glass Towers


Rain falls from a starless sky

Upon the dreamers in the city

Asleep in glass towers, cold beds they lie

Somewhere below a lonely man cries

Just before he opens a new bottle

At the bottom is the promise of a deep sleep

And so they dream beneath a starless sky.

Beneath the hum of a street lamp

Waits a woman in black rags

Waiting for the train to take her

Far from the shimmering glass towers

Prisons for the things she'd like to forget

While a young man begs for her to stay.

A balding man steps out of his home

Rests on the porch step to watch the sky

that starless sky without a lover

While the rain falls upon the cold road

Cars sweep by, loud music spewing out

He closes his eyes as his joints begin to ache.

Alone they are lonely people

Even they who lie with lovers

That are bound to leave sometime

Just before the sunrise they'll go

Leaving that person in cold sheets

As the morning embraces the glass towers.

The End

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