Circus Lights

Not all members of the circus are displayed correctly.
Who do the members represent? You choose.
What does the circus represent? You choose.

Bright lights. 

Circus lights. 

Gallant lights. 

Flashing on the dancers flambouently presented bodies as they ride on elephant's backs making them seem more beautiful with every movement.    Hitting trapeze artists causing them to appear brave and fearless.  Touching the golden lions backs as their trainers attempt the impossible.    Making the flames of the fire throwers only more thrilling.   Brushing the crowds amazed stares.   Landing on the foolish clown displayed in the corner. 

Bright colors. 

Circus colors. 

Flaunting colors.   

Colors attrative and glimmering for the dancers.   Daring and light colors for the trapeze artists.    Luminous yellows and radiant reds cover the fire throwers.  Varying and eclectic colors of the crowds attire.  Flouresant colors to direct the eye to the failures of the clown. 

Graceful acts.

Fearless acts. 

Duantless acts.

Witless acts. 

Circus acts. 

The colors of the circus never suit right as my attire.  Acts of the circus never suceed in showing my full potential. 

No,  I never appear sufficient when those rays touch my skin.

 [Circus lights]   


The End

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