Circles of Hell

describing first couple circles of hell.. vestibule, limbo, lust, and gluttony

"I dont know what I want"

"I don't know what's best for me" says she.

" 3 seconds till the life is taken from me" 

"I don't know what to do"

2 seconds pass in silence

Darkness comes and no vibrance

In one second she is being stripped of her dignity,

Being stung by bees repetitively, agonizingly.

For what? 

She couldn't decide what god to believe in.

What a pity.

The pain is getting too much to bear, like getting your teeth pulled out

One by one, second by second

You just forget to care.

The afterlife, she lives on with restless winds, words of agony, and woe is me.

But it is her fault, because she did not choose HE.

The first sin you get in when you're first born.

You rid of the evil, the dirty slime

That embodies your heart, soul, and mind

IF you get baptized

IF you leave the grime thats stuck, 

Don't worry, you're not one of a kind.

For there are many you will meet in the first circle of hell

"Don't worry about me" says he

"For I will not suffer as much as thee"

"Limbo is what I'm in"

No hope or aspirations

Just thunder and frustrations

He's stuck in there forever, he will never be free.

Now past the abyssmal valley

Away from sighs and ululations

Get ready for the preparations

Of . Just. The . Beginning.

In infinity and beyond,

You are so far gone.

Men and women are stuck in a cast of winds

Shrieking, shouting, and nowhere to run.

Because in their life, they had too much fun.

Desire turns evil, needy is greedy, and thoughts turn to actions.

So remember in your lifetime,

When your friend's husband gives you a wink, 

Don't follow, but THINK

Think of what you will meet when you die...

No... suffer

In the fire of desire.

Lust is no easy fine.

Now going deeper to the belly of hell's dungeons,

From cheetos, cake, and funions,

you are now with people who stuffed their sorrows.

Heavy breathing, selfish eating souls

Who are left in the cold

Rain falling down their rolls.

Their fat being battered by the rain.

Never-ending, bloodshedding rain.

Too much in the stomach, and little in the brain.

The End

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