Circles Of Hell

It's about the age old question of whether evil is attached to us from birth or if where we live causes us to become evil

I stared up at the sky, pale stars swirling about my eyes
Some find solace in dreams, others in the pipe
Accusations of greatness, but in truth they’re ripped in pieces
Living in gutter streets they’ll never rise
Living dark lives, there’s only blood to pay the devil with

Long withdrawn from a godly connection, they only hear a siren symphony
These grey skies and neighbourhoods are the death of you and me
Circles of hell exist here on earth
All we can do is find survival in the dirt

Exposed to better fates, maybe we could’ve been better men
Or would we play out the same bloodlust dance again
Famine and flood and corruption and guns
We gave everything else to a god, we’re left with blood
But we can’t dare to dream as fate’s lines run

Walk around in a heroin haze or alcoholic distortion
These grey skies are my home and only prison
And some claim is all part of greater forces
But everyday is just another cataclysm

And soon enough we’ll die young
Or rot away in prison, still better than guns
But empathy dies below the skyscraper rise
Dark and twisted but fate has said and done

The End

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