A nightmare.

on't look back
Let we warp your face.
"Please stop the waterfall"
I'm terrifying.

My long, black hair,
A crescendo of screams
Renting through the air,
Look into my eyes.

Images, maggots
Spiders, the end.
A nail through your hand,
Suddenly, I'm there.

The fear I induce is cold as the dead,
So I shall freeze just your soul instead.
My stone dead flames.
Burdened no more...

Burdened no more by images,
So horrific, names beyond speech....
Palpitations. Let's dance.
I'm Graceful in your mind's decaying beauty...
You abused me. We shared our power.

Feel the air, as it screams it's content,
I move so fast. It's nightmarish...
Nightmarish is that I didn't prolong,
Your screams rent the air, my song, my prayer.

A million laughs, from a million cells.
Asylum, ring your bells of staccato.
Zombies arise, in your mind.
This is everything that is behind.....

I bless thee, Images of thine.
With black blood spewing in your mind.
from my mouth, gush my beauty...
You only have so much time.

This body I steal,
What beauty of humanity..,
Still crumbles inside,
My sword, my shield. No guide.

Watch the images,
portrayed on something so casual,
You call it television.
But you recognise the images, you see with your MIND.

So this means you're as warped,
As I am in here, drowning in humanity's fear.
But every week, when the sun comes down.
I replace that horrible, nightmarish power within you....

From when you drowned me....

The End

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