Cigarette Lust

There you are,
Sitting on the night stand,
Silently calling out to me,
Begging me to stay,
Beckoning me with your scent,
God how I love your caliginous aroma,
But I can’t,

My fingers twitch longing to feel your length within my grasp,
To feel your dry smooth sheath,
To taste the bitter sweet fragrance,
And I don’t think I can do this,
Stay away from you,
For I’ve been trying,
And you’ve been engrossed in my mind,

Saliva fills my firth,
Anticipating the tang,
And my throat aches for just one taste,
It burns with desire,
And my lips throb,  
 Just a taste,
only one,

I turn my back to your inveiglement,
Fighting myself as my nails dig into the bare of my palms,
You will not get the best of me,
The sweat exhausts out my pores,
My toes curling with upheaval,
I can't,
I need to stop,

I grind my teeth,
Wince my eyes tightly closed,
Trying to forget the memories,
Oh the sweet, bitter-sweet memories,
Go away!

I turn back around to view the artistry of your beauty,
How delicate you are,
Your ivory colored skin,
The golden top crowning,
Such a simple perfection,
So many over look,

I take a few steps and stop,
I can't leave you alone,
I can't abandon you,
You’re the love of my life,
My strength and my will,
Who will get me through those rainy days?

I close my eyes,
How can I walk out you, on us?
We shared so many years,
So many memories,
Both good and bad,
Please believe me when I say,
This is my hardest decision,
I have to do this,
I need to,
You’re not good for me,

Wait I can’t,
Your delicious torment,
Your driving me crazy,
I know I need you,

I inhale and exhale slowly,
For I made up my mind...



The End

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