each of these events were inspired by either real or very similar situations I have experienced or listened to others talk about.

asterisks indicate words or phrases that I have already used in other poems.

I saw Jesus with greasy hair
sitting at my lunch table
slurping a strawberry milkshake.
button down opened up tight jeans ripped
in the cafeteria line
all the people around laughed at her, but
when I held the bathroom door open for her to
clean her shirt in the sink
I think
I saw Jesus in her soul.

the road cavorts Carnivalesque* shapes
yellow splashes through the road,
and if you painted them red
they would match me.
Maybe I overdosed on Ibuprofen
tires squeal, and I swear I almost
cry as a cat meets my car.

His skin is clear, her arm has holes
adrift and rough and tumble, she
tells him he'll fly
but don't you know you shot a heroine
last time you shot heroin*?

little boy at a charter school
Cries into the toilet
This is the fifth time they've tried
to beat the pretty out of him,
and the principal laughed.
The principal laughed.
We walk in the park as he
detachedly tells me this story.
I rub my cross necklace like a lifeline as
pieces of Jesus tell me, Cassandra. Love Me.

Haley says she doesn't need God
He doesn't exist, right?
An angel weeps on my lips as I shy away
from telling her my beliefs.
Jesus denied
and a virus on my laptop that won't let me read her
the writings I wrote for her soul.

My friend went to jail the other day.
scary thing, it is, that
None of our friends noticed his absence, until I brought it up.
Who'd have known
have predicted
have shivered over the arms that hugged me when he said
he wasn't fine
but he would be fine
Would break a car window as he breaks my heart
and he tries to get out of here....
Jesus and I hugged a criminal.

My Tiffany lamp pops and poofs and dies out
melancholy shapes, a broken vessel
I swear I saw Jesus' heart spurt
forth an overflow of agony as I
shoved my heart in His Face.

Here. Take it. Give it to the man smoking a cigarette
two streets over.
I can't take the smoke anymore.
I light myself another cigarette.

The End

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