Elves one and two.

Okay, kind of humorous, I'm making it up on the spot. Here it goes.

Too many cookies is why Santa has his big bum,
But that never stops him, he still has fun.
The elves all stop, to look and stare,
For in front of them, his bum was there!
This was the murder of Elf number two,
Poor thing - he didn't know what to do!
Santa leaned over, his bum in his face,
Elf number two was really disgraced,
But for a move of his buttocks,
Elf two was gone,
Well, Santa's big bum, it shone and it shone!
"Curse you!" Elf number one did scream.
"You killed my friend, and now I shall leave!"
So, Elf number one, he packed his things,
And unlike his friends, he did not want to sing.
So that is why the elves now start at three and four,
And with that, I shall say no more!
With a click of my fingers, I shall go,
And where I go to, you will not know.

The End

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