The Little Match Girl

Ok....this is sooo random....I actually wrote this based on the original by Anderson and won a competition when I was in Year 5 or 4th grade in USA. Really rubbish, but i thought it'd go with the here goes...

As the coldness spreads and the snowflakes fall,

On the streets you can hear a young girl call.

“Come buy matchsticks! Only 10p per box.”

Nobody comes so at a door she knocks.

Suddenly, a woman came from the house,

She wore a warm coat, along with a blouse.

“I don’t need a beggar here!” she said.

“Go to someone else’s house instead!”

The little girl received a slap of pain.

Just then, it started to rain.

The little girl walked away very sad,

While walking, she thought of her dad.

At her loudly, he would angrily yell

If she didn’t sell all the matchsticks that she held.

She peered through windows to see happy faces,

And chattering adults with wonderful graces,

In a dusty corner there she sat,

Beside where there was a scuttling rat.

The little girl stroke a match at a brick,

A ball of light appeared on the stick.

Shining by the glow she could see a tree,

Beneath it lots presents she could see.

But the tree disappeared when the flame died out,

So she struck another match which shone all about.

The girl smiled when she saw another sight,

This was of turkey, pudding, cakes at night.

Again, the lovely scene was gone,

Next, she saw herself looking upon…….

Her grandmother! In a beautiful gown,

She hugged her granddaughter while looking down.

The seconds past, and the light began to disappear,

So the girl lit all the matches and all was again clear.

“Please, please, take me away,”

She said, “Where you and I will stay.”

“To somewhere I won’t be the odd,”

“Take me with you to live with god.”

The next day, in the corner of the street,

There laid a smiling girl with matches on her feet.

The End

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